A new life

Individual program

Weight loss – without the right support and without a personal coach is often one-sided. Muscle cells are broken down before the fat cells and so the kilos can be added again in a short time after a hectic weight loss. The well-known yo-yo effect.

Starting New Diet

Yoga Training

Jogging in the morning

Balanced nutrition

Fresh food

Amino acids

Healthy energy


Regular consultations

Our one-on-one health coaching is an incredibly effective tool for identifying, executing and sustaining progress in your life.

On-site guidance

We guide you on site to make faster progress and to perform exercise correctly.

Video - Lesson package

Through video lessons we keep each other informed of your progress and provide additional advice where necessary.

New Weight , you are what you eat

Adjusted diet

Less body fat

More ideal weight


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2 hours of intensive training

Adjusted diet

Free access to the VIP fitness/swimming pool

SILVER €75,99

No expiration date for 12 membership

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Free access to the VIP fitness/swimming pool


1 month of intensive training

Available by phone 24/7

Free access to the VIP fitness/swimming pool