New Weight colsultatie

The nutritional program for everyone who wants to achieve their personal ideal weight without the yo-yo effect.

Ons Concept

The program works individually. New Weight is adjusted per person and is easy to use. The New Weight nutritional supplements that contain amino acids (natural building blocks of protein = proteins) and certain B vitamins ensure that the muscle mass is maintained. Your body does not experience a calorie reduction and therefore no hunger.

Weight loss

Weight loss – without the right support from the personal New Weight consultant – is often one-sided. Muscle cells are broken down before the fat cells and so the kilos can quickly be added after a hectic weight loss. The well-known yo-yo effect.

Nutrition plan

At New Weight, the nutritional plan takes into account medication and possible illnesses. We put together a personal program for you with which you can easily lose weight and maintain your weight. Try it out now!

Feel free to eat whatever you feel like…


It's never too late for a new weight