About us

Conny van de Voorde

My name is Conny Van de Voorde. For over 15 years I have been guiding people on their way to their feel-good weight. After completing my education in the Netherlands, I developed my concept for sustainable weight loss, but especially for maintaining the personal ideal weight, in constant exchange with scientists and doctors.

I always had to watch my own diet, so developing a viable method was a personal concern for me. There are so many theories when it comes to weight loss and it’s hard to know which ones to believe. Many weight loss programs are very successful, but only for a limited time. Everyone knows the so-called “yo-yo effect”.

At New Weight, each person is treated individually since everyone has a different bone structure, muscle mass & age. This means that calculating your personal BMI is very important. Also, don’t forget that we all want to maintain our quality of life. As with any dietary change, you start with a plan, without which it’s not possible. 60% of people in Europe are overweight and this number is increasing. First of all, I try to teach food structure and food culture. Once they understand that, we move on to the next stage.

Is it easy?

No of course not! If losing weight were so easy, not so many people - young, old and even children - were overweight. But learning to eat differently with good support from a New Weight consultant is – after seven years of experience – the only thing that really helps in the long term, in my opinion. I have clients who have lost only three kilograms with me, because more was not necessary, but I also have clients who have even lost more than 60 kilograms. These clients have been maintaining their weight for quite some time and still regularly visit me for check-ups.

We all love food

And that's a good thing, because food is part of life. But of course we also want to maintain a beautiful figure and feel good in our body. As far as the need for sport is concerned, scientists naturally have their opinions. Sport is of course healthy, but not everyone has the time or inclination to exercise every day. Sport is natuurlijk gezond, maar niet iedereen heeft de tijd of zin om elke dag te sporten. However, movement is very important. For professions where people sit a lot, we recommend walking, Nordic walking or swimming for half an hour three times a week. Moreover, everyone can decide for themselves whether to participate in sports and which sports. But eating right remains the key to success.