3 bottles of detox 500 ml

3 times detox 500 ml

Food supplement

Vitamins, minerals and herbs

Initial dose:

The first 4 days:

3 times 15 ml per day, 15 minutes before meals

Maintenance dose:

1 time 15 ml per day, 15 minutes before meals

  • New Weight Detox; detoxified, by removing excess waste products and fluids in the gut.
  • Zutaten Detox:Ingredients detox: macerate of nettle leaf, angelica root, arnica root, bitter orange peel, bark, sour thorn stem bark, hawthorn leaf, Russian ginseng, sea buckthorn, gentian root, Asiatic pennywort, raspberry leaf, burdock, goldenrod herb, greyhound herb, lemon balm leaf, plantain, blackthorn, dandelion , mistletoe, boldo, cinchona, magnesium, chromium, iron, sodium manganese.